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Our online ventilator classes provide thorough, up-to-date training and are backed by a certification (choose the "certification track"). Improve your knowledge of ventilator operation and physiology or ensure proper credentialing for your intensive care staff.

Ventilaor Course Description
Online Ventilator Class

Cutting Edge Ventilator Training

Our core online ventilator curriculum
features the most clear and up-to-date information
Learn Ventilator Physiology

Learn the science behind ventilation. Our course teaches clinicians to adjust ventilator settings in response to ABG findings and diagnose pathology in the patient-ventilator interface.

Learn Ventilators
Learn Ventilator Function

Learn about pressure and volume ventilation, in addition to specific ventilator modes. Also learn basic operation of the most commonly used ventilators, such as Philips Respironics, Medtronic Puritan, Draeger Ventilators, and GE.

Learn Ventilators
Learn Related Ventilator Concepts

Learn about ventilation of COVID-19 patients with the latest research on ventilation of coronavirus patients. Learn to perform a rapid bedside ultrasound to rule out pneumothorax, image diaphragmatic excursion, and assess for pleural effusion.

Learn Ventilators
Ventilator Training Course
Timely Ventilator Training

Ventilator Training for Coronavirus Ventilator Operators

Our online ventilator class incorporates modules specific to ventilator use in coronavirus patients. Ventilation strategy and considerations on COVID-19 ventilator use are incorporated from the latest studies from The NEJM, JAMA, and The Lancet.

Ventilator Training Course
Ventilator Medicine Excellence

Multidisciplinary Ventilator Training for Acute Care

Most ventilator courses focus on chronic care patients and tracheostomy patients. Our ventilator course is comprehensive in nature and also includes learning modules on acute care. We incorporate point-of-care ultrasound training to ensure you can rapidly diagnose pneumothorax and plueral effusion in your ventilator patients.

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