Classes for Coronavirus Ventilator Training

Use of Venilators for COVID-19 is Different. So training should be too.

Ventilators Coronavirus Training

Online Ventilator Class

Our online ventilator course has been updated with modules specific to COVID-19 pateints. Coronavirus patients are unique, and we have integrated the most updated studies on ventilator use in coronavirus patients to improve your care and outcomes for your COVID-19 ventilator patients.

Coronavirus Ventilator Class

In-person Ventilator Courses

Coronavirus has massively increased the amount of patients in need of ventilators, and there is short supply of respiratory therapists, skilled RNs, and physicians to operate the vents. Our in-person courses - offered in North America and East Africa - can help train your staff in ventilator use for coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus Ventilator Training for a Global Crisis

Coronavirus has increased ventilator use across the globe. We are responding with relevant training that incorporates the latest research on ventilators in COVID-19 patients. Our science incorporates studies from NEJM, JAMA, the Lancet, ICNARC, and others. Our online ventilator course helps your clinicians intimately understand the operation of ventilators for Coronavirus patients.
Online Ventilator Training
Ventilator Training Class