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Rigorous, Condensed Ventilator Course with Coronavirus Updates

Our online ventilator course provides thorough, up-to-date training and is backed by a certification (choose "certification track" below). Enhance your knowledge of ventilator operation and ventilator physiology or ensure proper credentialing for your respiratory care staff.

Ventilator Course Curriculum

Our online ventilator class curriculum begins with an overview of physiology followed by a focus on ventilator settings. Numerous modes of ventilator operation are covered. Next, the course focuses on responding to patient changes over the course of mechanical ventilation, including complications such as asynchrony and infection. Lastly, the course covers weaning patients from the ventilator and finally provides focused technical training on use of specific ventilators. The course contains optional modules with coronavirus ventilation strategies and also the use of ultrasound for point-of-care diagnosis of ventilator complications. Below is an outline of the five sections of the online ventilator course:

  1. Physiology of Mechanical Ventilation
  2. Ventilator Operation and Modes
  3. Patient Changes and Complications
  4. Ventilator Weaning
  5. Ventilator Equipment
(coronavirus ventilator modules throughout)
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Ventilator Course Packages

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  • Full Online Ventilator Course
  • Two-years' Access
  • COVID-19 and POCUS Training
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Relevant Ventilator Training

Ventilator Training for COVID-19 Ventilator Operators

Our online ventilator course incorporates modules specific to ventilator use in coronavirus patients. Ventilation strategy and considerations on coronavirus ventilator use are incorporated from the latest studies from The NEJM, JAMA, and The Lancet.

Learn Ventilator Operation
Ventilator Training Excellence

Multidisciplinary Ventilator Training

Most ventilator classes focus on chronic care patients and tracheostomy patients. Our ventilator course is comprehensive in nature and also includes learning modules on acute care. We incorporate point-of-care ultrasound training to ensure you can rapidly diagnose pneumothorax and plueral effusion in your ventilator patients.

Better Ventilator Training, Lower Prices

Online Ventilator Class is a nonprofit and strives to provide high-quality ventilator training at the lowest prices anywhere. In response to the COVID-19 ventilator shortage, we have updated our curriculum with information on coronavirus ventilator training.